How to Order


Ready to Place an Order? 

Follow these easy steps to get started ~

Feel free to call 212-633-1384 with any questions you have along the way. We are here to help!

All dresses take 10 - 12 weeks in production unless as rush is applied to the order. Please call us at 212-633-1384 if you are looking for a specific dress as we have a limited supply in stock!

1. Create an account

*Look out for an email to activate your account

2. The wishlist is where your entire order starts from. Visit our Collections to start selecting which dresses you like and adding them to your wishlist. You will eventually narrow your wishlist down when you have decided what dresses you want to order. 

You can also share the wishlist you create with with your friends.

-To share the wishlist simply scroll down and select 'Create Shareable Wishlist'. You can share this via social or send an email.

3. Once you have decided and are ready to place your order make sure you have entered all the details for your bridesmaids in the your Bridal Profile

4. Once all the information is entered (you can always go back and edit) click next to the 'Bridal Profile' tab and select 'Wishlist & Request'. Here you will see all the items you have added to your wishlist. 

5. Scroll to the bottom half of the page where it says 'Assign Your Items & Submit Your Order Details'. Select the items next to the name of each bridesmaid that you would like to order. When complete select 'Review Order'.

7. 'Review Order' generates a summary of the order. You will be able to pay for the order however you'd like - it is simply just confirming what you want to order! Click 'Submit Order' if everything correct.

8. We will contact you with next steps on how to finalize payment on your order.

9. Once we have contacted you with next steps you can see your Order History to check on status of your bridesmaid orders. Or you can call us at 212-633-1384 as we will happily provide you with an update on your order.

We are so excited to be working with you!