What sizes does the dress come in?

The dress only comes in 2 sizes. Size A fits a 0 - 12 and Size B fits a 14 - 24. We always recommend sizing up if you are on the border as you can always wrap the dress tighter!

What if I want more coverage under the dress?

The bandeau top is a tube top that goes under the dress in the same color and fabric. It provides more coverage and looks seamless when worn with the dress.

Can I wear a bra with the dress?

Yes you can! Certain wrapping styles allow for a strapless bra or even a full coverage bra. With the help of the Nu Bra and various nipple cover options, the dress surprisingly offers support in itself. We also have the option of a bandeau top, which comes in the same color/fabric as the dress and provides additional coverage to wear a bra comfortably and wrap it in any style you wish.

Are there undergarments that work better with the dress?

Seamless undergarments work best with the dress. Please avoid lace as it can snag the dress.

Do the dresses require alterations?

The simple sizing structure of our dresses means no sizing alterations are required. Should you need to change the length of your dress it simply requires a straight cut with no hemming. twobirds does not have the facility to carry out alterations but we are happy to provide details of tailors in the Manhattan area. Please order extra length if you are over 5’10 in heels.

Can I wear the dress if I am expecting?

Yes! The twobirds dress is perfect for pregnant ladies as it only comes in 2 sizes and has room for the bump. Please make sure to account for the bump when deciding on length. We only offer extra-length on the ballgown but you can always cut the ballgown down to the desired length (the alteration is so easy!).

How do you clean the dresses?

We recommend dry-cleaning but you can machine wash cold the jersey collection and hang to dry. Steaming is ok on the dresses (especially if there are any slight wrinkles).

Can you dye the dress?

While it may be possible, we do not have any contacts or referrals for dyeing the dresses at this time. We hope to revisit this and be able to offer a solution in the future!


Where can I try on the twobirds Bridesmaid dresses?

There are a few options:

1. You can visit our showroom in Soho! We are by appointment only so click here for all information and to contact us to schedule an appointment.

2. Find the store nearest you!

3. Order a sample request! We can ship you the dress of your choice to try on in the comfort of your own home.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

For weekday appointments, please call us as soon as you know you cannot make it. For weekend appointments, we require credit card information and cancellations need to be made by the Wednesday before your appointment or a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.

What if there is no location close to me?

We offer a sample program where we can ship you a dress to your home for a 10-day trial period. It is that simple!

Do all bridesmaids have to try on before ordering?

With our simple sizing structure and no measurements required, our dresses don’t need to be tried on before ordering! The only information we need is the bridesmaids dress size (typically off the rack) and her height (in heels).


How do I place an order?

Follow these easy steps to set-up your account and begin the ordering process. Feel free to call us at any time at 212-633-1384 with any questions you have!

What is the wish list?

Your wish list is the place where all your favorites can be saved on the website. Be sure to have all the items in your wish list when you are ready to order so you can easily assign them to your bridesmaids.

What is the lead-time on an order?

Our standard lead-time is 10 - 12 weeks from the date the complete order is placed or when the last bridesmaid in the bridal party pays.

How far in advance do you recommend ordering the dresses?

We recommend placing your order about 4-5 months before the wedding.

Do you offer rush options?

Yes! We can provide the following rushes depending on availability of fabric. Please email us for questions about rushes:

10 week rush: $15/dress

8 week rush: $25/dress

6 week rush: $50/dress

4 week rush: $75/dress

2 week rush: $100/dress

What are shipping/pickup options?

1. Individual Shipping = $15/dress

2. Combined Shipping (3 or more dresses) = $7/dress

3. Pickups can be scheduled Monday - Friday from 11am - 5pm and have to be scheduled in advance.

Can I order a single dress?

Of course! Standard lead-times do apply to single dresses. We do have minimal inventory/stock of dresses so please ask us if you are flexible with color and length.

Can I change an order once it has been placed?

Please give us a call at 212-633-1384 to see if the order has been put into production.

Can I cancel/return my order?

All sales are final and we do not offer any returns or exchanges.


Do you do matching men’s accessories?

Yes! View our mens accessories here.

Can we return the accessories once purchased?

All accessories are made to order therefore all sales are final.


Will I be able to tie the dresses myself?

Yes! It is very easy to do once you have a practice. We have videos uploaded on our website here showing all the different ways to style the dress.

Can I hire someone to come wrap the dresses on my wedding day?

We do offer the option to hire a stylist to come and wrap your bridesmaids the day of in the Tri-state area. Please email us for more information on hiring a wrapper!